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Obidos Castle in Portugal

Medieval village of Obidos 

A place where times seems to have stopped...

The medieval village of Obidos is a magical place, with centuries of history among its stone walls and cobblestone streets.


The white houses with blue and yellow stripes along the village are adorned with vibrantly coloured bougainvillaea, creating an idyllic setting that seems to be from the pages of a fairy tale.


A perfect location to simply wander around, taste the traditional cherry "ginja" liqueur in a chocolate cup, or visit the quaint handicraft shops.


Obidos's cultural agenda together with its rich history make it a vibrant place to visit and live. And there is always something interesting to see and do for the entire family!

Around Obidos Castle walls, you will find several traditional villages where the "real Portugal" remains undisturbed. Traditional Portuguese communities where the locals welcome everyone with open arms and there is space to enjoy the fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and mild temperatures all year round. 

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Useful contacts

Below you will find a series of useful contacts to make your experience in Obidos unforgettable!


Things to see

• Obidos Castle and Town Walls
• Municipal Museum of Obidos
• Sanctuary of the Lord Jesus of the Stone
• Church of Mercy 
• Town Door - R. Josefa de Óbidos
• Saint Peter's Church
• Saint Martin's Chapel
• Santa Maria Main Church - Santa Maria Square
• Roman City of Eburobrittiu
• Aqueduct of Obidos 
• Church of Santiago - Bookstore in the interior



• Praia da Foz do Arelho

• Praia de Covões

• Praia da Lagoa de Óbidos

• Praia de Rei Cortiço

• Praia do Bom Sucesso

• Praia da Estrela

• Praia da Fincha Grande

• Praia do Barroco da Adega



• FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Obidos (October)


• Obidos Medieval Fair (July / August)


• International Chocolate Festival (April / May)

• Holy Week of Obidos (April)


• Santo Antão Festivities (January)


• Obidos Vila Natal (December to January)

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

• Centro de Saúde de Óbidos

(public health centre)

Tel.: 262 955 050

• Hospital Caldas da Rainha (public hospital)
Centro Hospitalar do Oeste, E.P.E. - Unidade de Caldas da Rainha
Tel.: 262 830 300


Pet Services

• Clinica Veterinária D'Óbidos

Tel.: 262 959 072

• Veterinary Hospital Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 505 650

• Cão De Ló - Ziekenhuis Veterinário Central de Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 824 057

city-hall (1).png

Public Administration

• Junta Freguesia - Freguesia de Santa Maria, São Pedro e Sobral da Lagoa

Tel.: 262 950 555

• Municipality of Óbidos

Tel.: 262 955 500


Outdoor activities

• Eco-via “Várzea da Rainha” - bike path from the train station to Bom Sucesso Beach

• Royal Obidos Golf Course
• West Cliffs Golf Course
• Bom Sucesso Golf Course



• Pontinha

• A Nova Casa de Ramiro

• Real Casa Do Petisco

• Restaurante Vila Infanta

• Restaurante O Caldeirão

• Capinha d'Óbidos

• Poco dos Sabores

• Tasca Torta



• Farmácia Oliveira

R. da Porta da Vila - Tel.: 262 959 198


•  Farmácia Senhora da Ajuda

Tv. à Rua Principal - Tel.: 262 958 637


•  Farmácia Vital

Amoreira - Tel.: 262 969 425


Police & Fire Department

• Police - GNR Posto Territorial de Óbidos
Tel.: 262 955 000

• Fire Department - Bombeiros Voluntários de Óbidos
Tel.: 262 959 144

• National Emergency Number

Tel.: 112


Supermarkets & Farmers' Markets

•  Continente Bom Dia Óbidos

Tel.: 262 077 300


•   Pingo Doce Óbidos

Tel.: 938 875 409

•   Intermarché de Óbidos 

Tel.: 262 840 240


Sports facilities & Gyms

• Associação Espeleológica de Óbidos: Juvenile Soccer, Badminton, Speleology, Climbing, Archery
• ARCACEN - Associação Recreativa e Cultural

• Amigos da Capeleira e Navalha: amateur Football and Futsal, Gymnastic, Sport Fishing tournaments and Artistic Skating
• Biking - "BTT Arelho Team" and "Obidos Bike Team" 
• Clube de Atletismo de Óbidos (Athletics Club)
• Associação de Caçadores e Pescadores das F.S.M.S.P.U. (Hunters and Fishermen Association)

Discover Óbidos

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Obidos Portugal

The medieval village of Obidos is one of the most charming towns in Portugal. Whether you visit in the Summer, during the Medieval Fair, or in the Winter, when the Castle comes alive to celebrate Christmas, Obidos evokes a spirit of celebration and joy that is contagious. Not to mention the Chocolate Festival, one of the most "delicious" events in Portugal!
Regardless of the time of year, walking the cobblestone alleys of Obidos is always a unique experience...

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