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Foz do Arelho & Obidos Lagoon

Where the lagoon and sea meet the sky...

Foz do Arelho is one of the most popular beaches of the Silver Coast of Portugal. 

To the north, you will find Serra do Bouro, with several small villages where it is still possible to receive warm bread at your door every day and hear the church bells ringing. The village festivals remind us that Portuguese traditions are still very much alive!

During the summer, locals and visitors alike head to Foz do Arelho beach or to the calm waters of Obidos Lagoon for a well-deserved rest.


In other seasons, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts paint the waters with colour, while on the waterfront couples and families walk in the sun or enjoy fresh fish and seafood in one of the restaurant terraces overlooking the Atlantic. 

This beautiful beachfront community offers a wonderful lifestyle, where you can enjoy small pleasures and the breathtaking views never tire.

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Useful contacts

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Map of
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Useful contacts

Below you will find a series of useful contacts to make your experience in Foz do Arelho and Obidos Lagoon unforgettable!


Things to see

• Casa Museu Jaime Umbelino - Foz do Arelho

Caldas da Rainha:

• Museu do Hospital e das Caldas 

• Parque D. Carlos I

• Centro de Artes 

• Farmer's Market (Praça da Fruta) 

• Museu do Ciclismo 

• Museu da Ceramica 

• Casa Museu de São Rafael 

• Rota Bordaliana

• Mata Rainha D. Leonor



• Praia da Foz do Arelho

• Covão dos Musaranhos

• Bom Sucesso

• Rei Cortiço

• São Martinho do Porto

• Gralha

• Salir do Porto



• Soup Festival

• Popular Saints 

• Celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Conception

• Exhibition of Recycled Nativity scene

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

• UCSP Caldas da Rainha - Polo Foz do Arelho

Tel.: 262 840 443


​• Centro de Saúde das Caldas da Rainha (public health care centre)

Tel.: 262 840 443

​• Centro Hospital do Oeste - Caldas da Rainha (public hospital)

Tel.: 262 830 300


Pet Services

• Cão De Ló - Veterinary Hospital Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 824 057

• Nobrevet - Veterinary Hospital Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 840 015

• Farmanimal Centro Veterinário - Tel.: 262 843 209

• Vetsaúde (Veterinarian) - Tel.: 262 148 588

city-hall (1).png

Public Administration

• Junta de Freguesia da Foz do Arelho

Tel.: 262 979 432

• Municipality of Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 240 000


Outdoor activities

• Foz do Arelho wooden walkways

• Bicycle path along the Obidos Lagoon

• Birdwatching - Obidos Lagoon

• Water sports: kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, canoeing, catamaran, SUP/Paddleboard, paragliding, cycling, fishing, ...

• Escola de Vela (Sailing School)

• Interdital - Nature & Adventure

• Privat Kite - Kiteshoool

• Kite Control - Kiteboarding School

• ASUPP - Stand Up Paddleboarding Association

• Lagobi - Kayak, Windsurf and Bicylces



• Tibino Casa de Petiscos - Seafood, Mediterranean


• Cocos Bar - Tapas Bar & Restauran


• Cais da Praia - Bar, Seafood


• Eels, Beef & Company - Mediterranean, Portuguese



• Pharmacy Foz do Arelho

Tel.: 262 979 229

​Caldas da Rainha

Pharmacy Freitas

Tel.: 262 839 450

• Pharmacy Rosa - Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 831 996


Police & Fire Department


Supermarkets & Farmers' Markets


Sports facilities & Gyms

• Caldas da Rainha Municipal Swimming Pool

Tel.: 262 834 000

• Piscina dos Bombeiros Voluntarios

Tel.: 262 840 558

• Bowling Caldas

Tel.: 262 824 348

Foz do Arelho

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Foz do Arelho & Obidos Lagoon

The wooden walkways on the north shore of Foz do Arelho is one of the best places in the Silver Coast to marvel at this region's beautiful coastline. To the south, you can see Peniche, with the island of Baleal reaching out to the sea, the Berlengas archipelago on the western horizon. To the north, miles of sandy beaches nestled among green cliffs extend all the way to Nazare. For those who prefer the calm waters of Obidos lagoon, here you will see the traditional "bateira" boats dancing under the sun while flamingos, ducks and other sea birds enjoy this area's natural surroundings. The trails along Obidos lagoon are also perfect for calm bike rides, hiking or simply enjoying the view.

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