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From Serra da Pescaria to Nazare...

Discover Portugal's oldest fishing village

The fishing village of Nazare is one of the best known in Portugal and it is no wonder! 

Here you will find several aspects that make this land truly unique. From the fish dried naturally on wooden rakes along the sand to the traditional seven skirts worn by the beach women, there are countless examples of how the people of Nazare have maintained their authenticity and genuine pride in local traditions. 

With so much to see and do, Nazare is a perfect location for permanent living or as a second home to enjoy holidays in one of the world's sunniest places! 

Walking along the beach is a remarkable sensorial experience at any time of the year, with the smell of the ocean, the crashing waves on the shore and the sound of seagulls flying over the lighthouse and fort of St. Michael the Archangel. 
In the winter, the giant waves of the North Canyon are also an eye-catcher, bringing surfers from all over the world to venture out into the surf or simply watch in awe as Mother Nature confirms its special connection to this magical place.

Useful contacts


Below you will find a series of useful contacts to make your experience in Nazaré unforgettable!


Things to see

  • Nazare Lighthouse

  • Sao Miguel Fort

  • Sítio

  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazare

  • Suberco lookout point

  • Nazare Funicular

  • Ermida da Memória (Memory Chapel)

  • Dr. Joaquim Manso Museum

  • Racks for drying fish on the beach 



  • Salgado

  • Nazare

  • Praia do Norte

  • Sao Martinho do Porto

  • Legua

  • Mina

  • Paredes da Vitória

  • Vale Furado

  • Polvoeira



  • Nazare Carnival

  • New Year's Eve

  • Folklore Festival in honor of Our Lady of Nazare, September

  • Sitio Festivities, September

  • Holy Week procession / Easter festivities

  • Jazz do Valado - Valado dos Frades, October

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

Health Centre Nazare - Unidade de Saúde Familiar Tel.: 262 569 124 

Permanent Assistance Service - Tel.: 262 569 124

Centro Hospitalar Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

Tel.: 262 550 100


Hospital Alcobaça - Bernardino Lopes de Oliveira
Tel.: 262 590 401


Pet Services

Consultório Veterinário da Nazaré

Emergency veterinarian service

Tel.: 262 553 050

Veterinary Medical Service - Municipality of Nazaré
Tel: 938 012 620

city-hall (1).png

Public Administration

Junta de Freguesia da Nazar​é

Tel.: 262 553 881

Nazare Municipality

Tel.: 262 550 010

Public water services

Serviços Municipalizados - Câmara Municipal da Nazaré

Tel.: 262 561 153


Outdoor activities

  • Norpark - Aquatic Amusement Nazare

  • Water Sports: Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

  • Boat Tours

  • Dolphin Watching

  • Fishing Charters & Tours

  • Surf classes



Pangeia Restaurante - Nazare


Maria do Mar - Nazare

Taberna d’Adelia - Nazare


O Luis - Nazare


Tasca do Janeca - Serra da Pescaria



Farmácia Maria Orlanda - Tel.: 262 552 117


Farmácia Silvério - Tel.: 262 552 394


Farmácia Ascenso - Tel.: 262 551 106


Farmácia Sousa - Tel.: 262 561 221


Well’s (Continente Nazare) - Tel.: 262 550 230


Police & Fire Department

Police department: PSP - Esquadra da Nazaré

Tel.: 262 550 070

Fire department - Bombeiros Voluntários da Nazaré

Emergencies - Tel.: 262 561 300

Information - Tel.: 262 561 350 

National emergency number

Tel.: 112 


Supermarkets & Farmers' Markets

Lidl Nazare

Continente Nazare

Tel.: 262 550 200

Pingo Doce Nazare

Tel.: 262 569 000

Mini Preço Nazare


Sports facilities & Gyms

Nazare Municipal Pools

Tel.: 262 562 181

Fitness Factory Nazaré
Tel.: 938 956 094

Bpilates Nazaré

Tel.: 917 422 132

Tel.: 913 362 277

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Photos of Serra da Pescaria & Nazare

Few places have an identity as unique as Nazare. From the authenticity of cultural customs to the accent of the locals and a rich history filled with folklore and ancient traditions, it is impressive to see how such a small territory can be so immense... 

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