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Alcobaca Monastery in Silver Coast Portugal

Alcobaça - Land of eternal love

From the ancient lands of the Cistercian monks...

Located in the heart of Portugal's Silver Coast, Alcobaça is one of the best places to enjoy a genuinely Portuguese lifestyle.

Embraced by the sea on one side and green hills on the other, the lands that once belonged to the ancient Cistercian monks hold centuries of history. Stories of conquest and eternal love, that have been immortalized amidst the walls of the ancient Monastery of Alcobaça and the endless farmlands that helped to form this beautiful land into what it is today.
The city that grew within the valleys of the Alcoa and Baça rivers was occupied by such diverse civilizations as the Romans and Arabs, whose heritage is present to this day in the name of various places in the municipality (such as Alfeizerão, Aljubarrota, Alpedriz...). But it was during Portugal's rise as a sovereign nation that Alcobaça registered its greatest period of expansion and development. In fact, the history of Portugal crosses with the history of Alcobaça, having been D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal's first king, who donated these lands to the Cistercian monks in 1153.
Today, the Monastery of Alcobaça stands majestically in front of a square where time beats by without haste. With a "bica" and a traditional convent-inspired pastry, both locals and tourists relax in the shade of the cafés, savouring the simplicity of Alcobaça’s traditionally Portuguese lifestyle.

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Useful contacts

Below you will find a series of useful contacts to make your experience in Alcobaça unforgettable!


Things to see

• Alcobaça Monastery

• Alcobaça Castle

• Wine Museum

• Garden of Love (Jardim do Amor)

• Green Park (Parque Verde)

• Monastery of Cós

• São Martinho do Porto Bay

• Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros



• São Martinho do Porto

• Praia da Gralha 

• Praia da Falca

• Praia da Légua 

• Paredes da Vitória

• Polvoeira

• Vale Furado

• Pedra do Ouro

• Água de Madeiros 



• Alcobaça Carnival "Folia & Algazarra"

• Holy Week in São Martinho do Porto

• Nineteenth century market

• Cistermúsica - Alcobaça Music Festival

• Medieval Aljubarrota

• São Bernardo Fair

• Books&Movies - Alcobaça Literary and Film Festival

• São Simão Fair

• International Conventual Sweets and Liqueurs • Exhibit

• New Year's Eve - São Martinho do Porto

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

• Hospital Bernardino Lopes de Oliveira

(public hospital)

Tel.: +351 262 590 400

• Centro Hospitalar de S. Francisco - Alcobaça

(private hospital)

Tel.: +351 262 580 050

• Unidade de Saúde Familiar Pedro e Inês

Tel.: +351 262 590 511


Pet Services

• Clínica Veterinária de Alcobaça

Av. Prof. Eng. Joaquim Vieira Natividade

Tel.: +351 262 598 597


​• Cistervet - Clínica Veterinária, Lda.

Rua de Moçambique 3

Tel.: +351 262 583 949

city-hall (1).png

Public Administration

• Municipality of Alcobaça (Câmara Municipal de Alcobaça)
Tel.: +351 262 580 800


• Juntas de Freguesia:

- União de Freguesias de Alcobaça e - Vestiaria

- Alfeizerão

- Aljubarrota

- Bárrio

- Benedita

- Cela

- União de Freguesias de Coz, Alpedriz e - Montes

- Évora de Alcobaça

- Maiorga

- União de Freguesias de Pataias e Martingança

- São Martinho do Porto

- Turquel

- Vimeiro


Outdoor activities

• Parque Verde + Skate park

• Water sports in São Martinho do Porto Bay (canoeing, stand-up paddle, jet-skiing, boat rides...)

• Hiking trails:

- Vale de Ventos (PNSAC)

- Coz, Alpedriz e Montes

- São Martinho do Porto, Serra e Mar

- Trilho da Vestiaria

- Mata Nacional do Vimeiro

- Rota dos Fornos de Cal de Pataias

- Aljubarrota: Pelo Vale da Ribeira do Mogo

- Rota da Água Benedita

- Rota da Biodiversidade - Benedita

- Caminhos da Maiorga

- Bárrio - Trilhos Romanos

- Cela: Veredas, Ventos e Monumentos

- Alfeizerão – Azenhas da Macarca

- Mina do Azeiche

- Azenhas do Vale de Paredes

- Campos de Alfeizerão



• Restaurante António Padeiro

• Origens Restaurante

• Taberna Sem Regras

• Restaurante Portas de Fora


• Restaurante O Castigo

• Okazu Sushi

• Restaurante Pizzaria Cister



• Farmácia Holon Alcobaça (Praça 25 de Abril)

• Farmácia Magalhães (Rua Dr. Brilhante)

• Farmácia Epifânio (Rua Dr. José Nascimento e Sousa)

• Farmácia Campeão (Rua António Vieira da Natividade)


Police & Fire Department

• Police: GNR - Posto Territorial de Alcobaça

Tel.: +351 262 580 100

• Police: PSP - Esquadra de Alcobaça

Tel.: +351 262 505 650

• Firefighters: Bombeiros Voluntários de Alcobaça

Tel.: +351 262 505 300


Supermarkets & Farmers' Markets

• Continente Modelo

• SPAR Alcobaça

• Intermarché Alcobaça

• Pingo Doce Alcobaça

• Lidl Alcobaça

• Granja de Cister

• Minipreço


Sports facilities & Gyms

• Associação Shotokan Karate - Nelson Fernandes

• Ginásio Clube de Alcobaça (football club)

• Alcobaça Clube de Ciclismo (cycling club)

• Clube de Natação de Alcobaça (swimming club)

• Piscina Municipal de Alcobaça (public swimming pool)

• Associação Alcobacense de Cultura e Desporto (Roller Hockey and Figure Skating)

• Clube de Ténis de Alcobaça (tennis club)

• SUA - Sport União Alfeizerense (football club)

Discover Alcobaça

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Living in Alcobaça

Like most of the towns on Portugal's Silver Coast, Alcobaça also has a very diverse territory, with contrasts in landscape, traditions, in the way of life of its people and even in its climate! Near the coast, the sea constantly invites for lazy strolls in one of Alcobaça's beautiful beaches, savouring fresh seafood and enjoying the Atlantic breeze. Further inland, horizons of agricultural fields and age-old traditions capture our hearts, offering a mixture of flavours and customs that have shaped this land over the centuries...

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