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Beach lanscape in Algarve Portugal

Portugal The Simple Life is a network of Portuguese companies that have joined decades of expertise and market knowledge to deliver value to foreign investors in Portugal. 


In this website, you will find a valuable source of information that aims to share with the world all the wonderful things that Portugal has to offer. 

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Portugal Lovers

In what other country does someone leave fresh veggies or homemade jam at your door just for the pleasure of sharing it with you? Or will you cross paths with a stranger who smiles or says "bom dia" just because you're passing on the same sidewalk? 
In Portugal life is experienced in a different way, and there is a genuine joy for the small things that leads locals and foreigners alike to take the time to truly appreciate simple pleasures. From your neighbour’s hospitality to the strong flavour of a warm expresso enjoyed at your local café where everyone knows your name… in Portugal it is the small details that will win your heart time and time again.
If you too are looking for a simpler way of life, you have come to the right place!

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