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Sunset Sao Martinho do Porto Portugal beach tents bay boats

Sao Martinho do Porto Bay

Sao Martinho do Porto & Salir do Porto

Known as Portugal’s best family beach, due to its calm waters and welcoming atmosphere, Sao Martinho do Porto is a small fishing village in the Silver Coast of Portugal, built along a bay known for its natural shell shape. 

On the northern shore of the bay, you will find the village of Sao Martinho do Porto, a cosmopolitan beach town once sought after by the Portuguese nobility to enjoy Summer holidays. This old shipbuilding port has a long and rich history, but its charm remains intact to this day and is especially sought after by families.

In the southern part of the bay, you will find Salir do Porto, a quaint old fishing village that is now a tranquil residential area with restaurants, a local pharmacy, mini markets, and cafés where you can benefit from all the comforts of living in a traditional Portuguese beachfront community

Salir do Porto beach, with Portugal's biggest sand dunes and famous wooden walkways are a short walk from the village town centre. The surrounding green landscape provides an ideal place to walk along the shoreline cliffs.

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Useful contacts

Below you will find a series of useful contacts to make your experience in São Martinho do Porto unforgettable!


Things to see

• São Martinho do Porto Lighthouse

• Chapel of Sant'Ana 

• Saint Anthony's Cross

• Saint Anthony's Chapel 

• Alcobaça Monastery - Alcobaça 

• Nossa Senhora da Nazaré Sanctuary - Nazaré

• D. Carlos I Park



• São Martinho do Porto

• Gralha

• Salir do Porto

• Foz do Arelho

• Salgado

• Nazaré

• Vale Furado

• Praia do Norte (Nazaré)



• Festas de Santo António - Popular festivities every year in June

• New Year's Eve - Fireworks and live music

• Floating Christmas tree

• Giant Inflatables in the Bay (Summer)

• Monthly Antiques Street Fair - Third Saturday of each month

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Healthcare & Wellbeing

• Medical Center - S. Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 262 076 620

• CHO - Caldas da Rainha Hospital

Tel.: 262 830 300

• Dentist - Clínica Baía

Tel.: 937 535 575


Pet Services

• Veterinary Clinic of São Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 262 989 029

• Veterinary Hospital das Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 505 650

• Cão De Ló - Hospital Veterinário Central de Caldas da Rainha

Tel.: 262 824 057

city-hall (1).png

Public Administration

• Parish Council of Martinho do Porto

(Junta de Freguesia de São Martinho do Porto)

São Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 262 989 188

• Municipality of Alcobaça (Câmara Municipal de Alcobaça)

Tel.: 262 580 800


Outdoor activities

• Salir do Porto wooden walkways along the beach

• Salir do Porto pools

• Water sports: canoeing, sailing, stand up paddle ...

• Paragliding

• Hikes along the coast

• Parque dos Monges Amusement Park - Alcobaça



• Granada

• Pesca no Prato (fresh fish)

• Boca do Mar

• Nova Caravela

• O Farol 

• A Nova Gaivota

• Pizzaria Portobello (Italian)

• Naco na Pedra - Salir do Porto



• Farmácia São Martinho do Porto

Largo Vitorino Fróis 24 -  São Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 262 989 475

• Farmácia de Alfeizerão

Rua 25 de Abril 85 - Alfeizerão

Tel.: 262 999 605


Police & Fire Department

• Bombeiros Voluntários de São Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 262 985 100

• GNR São Martinho do Porto​

Tel.: 262 995 030

• PSP Alcobaça

Tel.: 262 505 650


Supermarkets & Farmers' Markets

• Intermarché - São Martinho do Porto

• Mundo Verde Supermarket

Tel.: 918 807 045

• Farmers' Market  São Martinho do Porto 

R. Dr. Rafael Gagliardini Graça


Sports facilities & Gyms

• Piscinas de Salir do Porto

Rua Dom Fernando, 50 - Salir do Porto

Tel.: 910 729 685


• Dino’s - São Martinho do Porto

São Martinho do Porto

Tel.: 918 879 439

Discover Sao Martinho do Porto

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Sao Martinho do Porto 

The smell of the sea in the air, seagulls flying high above guided by the wind, sweet "bolas de Berlim" and ice cream cones savoured by families while overlooking Portugal's highest dunes and boats dancing on the calm waters of a shell-shaped bay... It may seem like paradise, but for many, Sao Martinho do Porto is truly a dream come true...

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