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Caldo verde soup chouriço traditional Portuguese cuisine

Living in Portugal

If you too are dreaming of beautiful sandy beaches, delicious food made with the freshest local ingredients, the warm smile of welcoming neighbours, and a simple joy for life in small day to day moments, then you have come to the right place!

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The world has come to a place where there is always a sense of urgency: an urgency to go to and from, to buy something, or to be the first to arrive. And we spend so much time running, that along the way we sometimes lose a sense of where and why. Sound familiar?

Rest assured, in Portugal the demands of modern life are also present, but between catching the bus and getting off work at the end of the day, there is never haste when it comes to things that truly matter. Here, there is always time for the simple things in life and a natural generosity that is present in the people, the landscape, the food, the sunshine, and in no other place in the world will people invest so much time in simply cultivating happiness. 

Portugal is our happy place, and it can be yours as well… 

Portugal beachfront boats Algarve

Plan your move to Portugal

Moving to Portugal may seem like a big decision, but the Portuguese government has invested strongly to make it simple and very attractive for foreign residents to make the move. Namely, through special tax incentives and residency programmes that are very beneficial for both retirees and young families. Plan ahead and find out what advantages Portugal has for your lifestyle and personal needs. 

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Plan your move to Portugal

Obtain Portuguese Residency

Residing in Portugal is quite simple, especially if you already have EU residency which allows you to come and go whenever you want. For third-country nationals, the process to obtain Portuguese residency is pretty straightforward, and with the help of a solicitor or lawyer to help you navigate the legal steps your dream of moving to Portugal will be simple and hassle-free.

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Obtain Portuguese Residency
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Benefit from Tax Incentives

Portugal is also one of the most sought-after countries in the world because of several incentives created specifically to attract foreign investment. The Non-Habitual Resident Status, the Golden Visa scheme (that grants residency rights through investment activities), as well as benefits for the rehabilitation of buildings in historical centres, are some of the programmes available. There are also special tax benefits for investors wishing to buy new build properties for rental purposes. 

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Benefit from Tax Incentives

Where to buy a home​ in Portugal

Despite being a relatively small country, Portugal offers a very diverse and rich landscape. From the lush green hills of the North to the diversity of the Central region which varies greatly from the coast to the mountains of the interior, passing through the golden plains and the hot and dry weather of the Alentejo, to the beaches and Mediterranean climate of the Algarve. The decision of where to buy depends on your personal taste, budget and lifestyle...

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New build homes modern architecture Presprop Portugal Construction
Where to buy a property​ in Portugal
Image by Mathis Bogens
Lighthouse beach Portugal sunset wooden walkways

Looking for the Simple Life?


Buying a house in Portugal?

Everything you need to transition to a simple life in Portugal:

Simple Life Home Pack - Property Consult



Simple Life Home Pack - After Sales.png

Logistic Support

Simple Life Home Pack - New build suppor

New Build


Simple Life Home Pack - Home Decor & Fur

Home Decor

& Furniture

Simple Life Home Pack - Home Instalation



Simple Life Home Pack - accounting legal


& Tax

Simple Life Home Pack - property managem



Simple Life Home Pack - holiday rentals.



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