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The advantages of buying “Key-in-Hand” properties

At Presprop, we listen to our clients and present solutions for their individual needs and taste. From choosing colours and materials to deciding the best heating solutions, we deliver a customised New-Build home on-time and in-budget, exceeding their expectations...

The experience of buying a “Key in Hand” property with Presprop is always positive for our clients, they want a beautiful New-Build home in Portugal that is customised to their personal taste, an experience that is simple and problem-free.

What is “Key in Hand”?

“Key in Hand” is borrowed from the Portuguese term “Chave na Mão”, a concept that has been developed by Presprop many years ago in the context of new build houses.

With special attention to our foreign client’s necessities, “Key in Hand” is a sensible solution to owning a new build, a home that you can customise to your personal taste, in a budget that is agreed on upfront, and without the worries of bureaucracy. When you take delivery of your home from Presprop, it is complete and ready to enjoy!

“Key in Hand” new build houses versus a preowned house?

It makes no sense to me that you would want a home that was built to someone else’s personal taste, which is different to your own.

Some owners will convince themselves that they can make alterations without seriously considering the real cost and aggravation, only to find that they still own a house with dated technology and taste.

What kind of finishings can the buyer customise?

Each “Key in Hand” new build is designed and priced with a standard of finishing defined beforehand, the buyer then has the option to customise the interior finishings. This may include a choice of floors, wall tiles, carpentry, the colour of wardrobes, bathroom units and

faucets, etc. For the outdoors, there are minor limitations imposed by the local and licensing authorities, but the pool area, terraces and landscaping can also be personalised.

We have participated in hundreds of “key in hand” properties, so we are on hand to give guidance and share our practical experience in Portugal’s unique climatic and environmental conditions. When you visit our portfolio of completed houses it is possible to see that no two houses are ever the same!

What other advantages do new build properties offer?

Building technologies have hugely improved in the recent past and new build properties use modern construction techniques that offer several benefits and levels of comfort. The experience of living in a modern home with good insolation, bathed in natural light is more enjoyable than traditional homes built 10 years ago with inferior insolation, small windows and little natural light.

In your experience, why do so many foreign clients look for modern-style properties?

Architecture has advanced very much in the last decades, with more consideration and attention to how we experience our homes. Open-plan living and big windows that fill the home with beautiful natural light has become a feature of modern homes.

Modern technology has also improved the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes, allowing architects to design homes that connect the interior to the outdoors in a seamless manner. Our foreign clients want to make the best of Portugal’s sunshine by connecting the living area to the outdoor swimming pool effectively doubling their living space. Modern architectural design blends well into this style of living.

On average, how long does it take to build a house in Portugal?

We have been able to reduce the construction time to 12 months. I am proud to say that Presprop properties are completed on time and on budget!


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Families who choose Presprop to build a dream home in Portugal are looking for a reliable solution, where quality assurance and efficiency is highly valued. No complications or unwanted surprises!


Author: João Menino, Chief Engineer PRESPROP - PORTUGAL CONSTRUCTION

This article was originally published in the July 2020 edition of Portugal The Simple Life Magazine. Download your FREE copy on this link!


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