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The Silver Coast's most famous beaches

The coast between São Pedro de Moel and Peniche is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal! Offering a mix of semi-secret beaches, nestled between rocky coves, and vast stretches of golden sand accessed by pine tree lined paths, this coastline is over 80 km long and has something to offer for everyone!

Traveling from north to south, discover the Silver Coast's most famous beaches, with insider tips on what to do, lesser known gems that don't appear on tourist routes and suggestions of some of our favourite places to eat!

From the romantic S. Pedro de Moel to the wild beauty of the coast north of Nazaré...

Our road trip starts at Praia de São de Moel, known for its iconic lighthouse built over the Penedo da Saudade. In this land of romantic legends and poets, embraced by the Leiria Pine Forest (also known as "Pinhal do Rei", the king's forest), beautiful beach houses guide you along the village, where balconies with typical wooden railings open onto a breathtaking view of the sea.

Although it is relatively small, São Pedro de Moel beach is absolutely beautiful, offering the perfect conditions to spend a day with your family on the sand or enjoy lunch in one of the many local restaurants available.

São Pedro de Moel Beach

To the north, smaller beaches such as Praia da Concha offer plenty of privacy and wooden walkways to stretch your legs!

To the South, you will also find several lesser-known beaches where you can relax or spend the day fishing, such as Pedra do Ouro and Polvoeira.

Sunset at Polvoeira beach - Silver Coast Portugal
Sunset at Polvoeira beach

A fabulous wooden walkway connects these beaches to Paredes da Vitória, with several viewpoints surrounded by sand dunes and maritime vegetation. The pine trees on this part of the Silver Coast creep and coil like snakes, under the influence of the sea winds. An ideal scenery to stretch your legs, ride a bike or simply stop to contemplate the sunset!

Wooden walkway connecting the beaches of Polvoeira to Paredes da Vitória
Wooden walkway connecting the beaches of Polvoeira to Paredes da Vitória

If you look north, Paredes da Vitória beach is protected by a giant rock known as "Castelo" (castle) or "Leão" (lion). On clear days, the sky is painted with paragliders who enjoy a different view of one of the most beautiful beaches on the Silver Coast!

Paredes da Vitória Beach

Further south, at Vale Furado the colours change dramatically, with high cliffs in shades of yellows and reds, sculpted by the slow action of seawater, rain and winds. It's a stunning beach to relax and contemplate nature, especially at the viewpoint at the top of the parking lot where the sunset is breathtaking.

The descent to Vale Furado beach is steep but easily accessible, through a dirt path that leads to a small waterfall whose stream reaches all the way to the sea a wonderful spot for children to play safely!

Although the beach is not watched and the facilities are limited, the amazing landscape makes a visit here very worthwhile!

Vale Furado Beach

At the parking area at the top of the beach's main entrance, there are restaurants and cafés where you can relish in ice cream after a day on the beach or savour a typical Portuguese meal. We suggest you begin with "bolhão pato” clams, a perfect starter to open your appetite for fabulous fresh fish slowly grilled over the embers, accompanied by a glass of delicious Portuguese white wine!

Enjoy a long lunch, for there is much more to be discovered heading south, where several other lesser-known beaches follow. For example, Praia da Légua, which also has an extensive sandy beach surrounded by a green hillside. It's also a very popular spot for fishing!

How to get there:

  • Penedo da Saudade Lighthouse - 39.76408356245339, -9.030921472998388

  • São Pedro de Moel Beach - 39.75641293305432, -9.031991351551614

  • Pedra do Ouro Beach - 39.726705171185, -9.046808233234623

  • Praia da Polvoeira Beach - 39.71516009218751, -9.049143071457205

  • Paredes da Vitória Beach - 39.702143713816746, -9.050521070782867

  • Vale Furado Beach - 39.68361729164618, -9.058343116889448

  • Légua Beach - 39.65446890439622, -9.069596178106153

Where to eat:

  • Restaurante Brisamar, Rua Doutor Nicolau Bettencourt 23, 2430-496 Sao Pedro de Moel

  • Marisqueira Tonico, Avenida Nossa Senhora da Vitoria 16, Praia Paredes da Vitória, 2445-130 Pataias

  • MAD, Avenida Nossa Senhora da Vitoria 16, Praia Paredes da Vitória, 2445-130 Pataias


Enjoy a fabulous culinary experience at the best restaurants on the Silver Coast!

Join us on this culinary journey and discover the Silver Coast's best restaurants...


From the North Canyon's giant waves to the calm waters of Salir o Porto...

Following our journey south, you'll arrive at one of Portugal's best-known beaches: Praia do Norte! And, curiously enough, it is not because it is a simple beach destination, but rather the stage of the world's biggest wave ever surfed.

It is here that you will find the famous North Canyon, an underground canyon that connects the sea to Nazaré's coast and is responsible for generating waves that can reach over 30 m high!

The best time of the year to see Nazaré's giant waves is between October and March when surfers from all over the world gather on the slopes next to the lighthouse to see the world's most famous big wave surfers.

However, think again if you believe there is nothing to see here during the off-season! Praia do Norte has a vast stretch of sand with a direct view of the Fort of S. Miguel and the Forno da Orca cave, which you can visit when the tide is low.

Praia do Norte - Nazaré, Portugal
Praia do Norte - Nazaré, Portugal

The Fort of S. Miguel, where the lighthouse is set, is also worth a visit! You can access it by foot through Praia do Norte or by car taking the road that crosses the village of Sítio.

Fort of S. Miguel

Besides the historical importance of the Fort, which has served several purposes throughout Portugal's history — namely during the French Invasions when General Junot's troops were quartered there — today the old stones of this fortress guard a permanent surf exhibition in its interior.

South of the Fort is Nazaré, one of the Silver Coast's most popular beaches!

Located between the Sítio promontory to the North and the marina to the South, Nazaré boasts a vast offer of restaurants as well as several events and local traditions that make this ancient fishing village truly unique! And the best part? There are countless ways to enjoy Nazaré beach! From jeep rides through the dunes, water scooter rentals and even boat trips to see dolphins in their natural habitat.

Nazaré Beach


Discover the best places to visit in Nazaré!

Considered Portugal's oldest fishing village, Nazaré is a popular holiday destination rich in history and tradition...


Continuing south, you will find Salgado beach. This paradise lies at the foot of Serra da Pescaria, where you can witness some of the Silver Coast’s most beautiful views over the sea and countryside.

Offering plenty of space, privacy and tranquillity, the beach stretches over a sandy strip about 6 km long, with golden dunes embraced by green cliffs on one side, and the deep blue sea mixed with the white foam of the surf on the other. Perfect for anyone who loves long walks, relaxing under the sun or calming the mind with the sound of the sea in the background!

Salgado Beach

The main road allows easy access to the central-south area of the beach, where there is a café and parking. Although the car park is not large, the plenty of space available on the beach makes up for the effort of arriving early or the short walk to get there!

The south part of Salgado, a rocky area used by fishermen and divers, has more difficult access. To the north, the access is also challenging, which explains why this more secluded area is popular among nudist beachgoers.

The wild beauty of Salgado is also a favourite for paragliding and hang-gliding. On clear days, the sky is speckled with colour by those who dare to enjoy the view from high above!

However, the beach is not ideal for swimming, especially for families with children, as the sea is often rough. If you're not a strong swimmer, make sure to look out for the green flag before going into the water!

When the weather is not inviting for a dip in the sea or sunbathing, the slopes that connect Salgado to Gralha beach are fabulous for hiking or walking surrounded by nature and breathtaking scenery!

Gralha Beach

Along the green hillsides heading south towards São Martinho do Porto, there are countless cane wind vanes that guide those who walk along the hiking trails.

In the past, the wind in São Martinho do Porto Bay guided the sails of the mills responsible for grinding the flour used to make bread — some of these mills still exist to this day! The wind was also responsible for blowing the fishermen's boats out to sea, bringing sustenance to the fisher folk that lived around the bay.

Today, the Atlantic breeze is a welcome help for strolling sail boats in the calm of the bay and pushing kites high up in the sky to the delight of the children playing on the sand of São Martinho do Porto, considered Portugal’s best family beach!

Sao Martinho do Porto Bay

This naturally shell-shaped beach is especially sought after by families who appreciate a more family-friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the calm waters of the bay, the beach is ideal for small children or water sports enthusiasts. Canoeing, stand-up paddle and sailing are some things you can do in São Martinho do Porto, and there is a local sailing club that provides all the support you need. During the summer, the centre of the bay has a giant inflatable that delights the little ones!


Discover São Martinho do Porto - Portugal's best family beach

São Martinho do Porto joins natural beauty with a lifestyle that holds a very special place in the hearts of many!


Further south, São Martinho do Porto bay flows into Salir do Porto beach, famous for having on its shore Portugal's highest dunes!

Walking along the walkways that connect São Martinho to Salir is also an experience not to be missed, especially after enjoying a meal in one of the many restaurants available in the two villages.

Salir do Porto Beach

How to get there:

  • Praia do Norte Beach - 39.61384334403343, -9.085300129783528

  • São Miguel Arcanjo Fort - 39.60463072050537, -9.084833095655819

  • Nazaré Beach - 39.597377542307974, -9.073238969090552

  • Nazaré marina - 39.586508062844196, -9.071754949851634

  • Salgado Beach - 39.548031572825735, -9.11140389781669

  • Gralha Beach - 39.52637184156299, -9.13091192996092

  • São Martinho do Porto Beach - 39.50951822585054, -9.135131823865482

  • Salir do Porto Beach - 39.50422377807657, -9.148583865448638

Where to eat:

  • Pangeia, Rua Abel da Silva 50, 2450-050 Nazaré

  • Aki d’el Mar, Avenida Manuel Remígio 129, 2450-106 Nazaré

  • Pesca no Prato, Rua Cândido dos Reis 29, 2460-637 São Martinho do Porto

  • Granada, Avenida Marginal Edifício Granada, 2460-096 São Martinho do Porto

  • Naco na Pedra, Rua do Casal 5, 2500-680 Salir do Porto

From Foz do Arelho to Consolação... a paradise for surf lovers

Driving along the Atlantic Road that connects Salir do Porto to Foz do Arelho, if you look out to sea, you will see the Berlengas archipelago. It is sometimes hidden by the mist, but on clear days it's easy to spot the three islands – Berlenga Grande (the biggest), Estelas and Farilhões-Forcado – located just 15 km west of Cape Carvoeiro, in Peniche.

The natural paradise of Berlengas is one of the Silver Coast's most unique places to visit, and yet, one of its least known due to the fact that only a limited number of visitors are allowed on the island at each time.

The Fort of São João Baptista is located on the island of Berlenga Grande
The Fort of São João Baptista is located on the island of Berlenga Grande

However, if you don't have the time to schedule a visit to the Berlengas islands, no need to worry! There is plenty to discover on the Silver Coast's mainland as we continue our journey south and the landscape changes dramatically between Foz do Arelho and Peniche.

The first mandatory stop is at the northern entrance of Foz do Arelho, where the green hillsides offer us one of the most spectacular wooden walkways on the Silver Coast!

Wooden walkways of Foz do Arelho

Designed by landscape architect Nádia Schilling, the wooden walkways of Foz do Arelho are an oasis of fresh air, natural landscape and breathtaking views. Winding up and down the northern hillside on Foz do Arelho Beach, they follow the natural slope and vegetation on the cliffs, always with the sea as a backdrop.

Along the way, you will find straight stretches, but also some stairs and seven viewpoints, with rotating benches that allow you to enjoy a 360º view of the surrounding landscape. At the various lookout points, highlights include the view of Foz do Arelho beach flowing into Obidos Lagoon.

Foz do Arelho offers two distinct beach spots. On the seaside, surfers ride the Atlantic's waves and families enjoy the sun in the traditional cloth tents so characteristic of the Silver Coast. The long sandy beach has plenty of space for young people to play soccer, as well as more secluded spaces where you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Foz do Arelho Beach

On the lagoon side of Foz do Arelho, the calm waters are ideal for swimming and children to play by the shore. Looking at the typical boats of the lagoon, known as "bateiras", is the ideal setting to relax and leave all your worries behind you!

This area is also known for its choice of fresh fish and seafood. From the most traditional "petiscos", prepared with shellfish caught directly in the Óbidos Lagoon, to fresh fish expertly prepared in one of the many local restaurants... There is plenty to choose from, including dining with a superb view of the Atlantic!

Obidos Lagoon

On the other side of the lagoon is Bom Sucesso Beach, with an extensive sandy shore and abundant space and tranquility to spread out your towel and enjoy the breathtaking view over Foz do Arelho.

Bom Sucesso Beach - Silver Coast Portugal
Bom Sucesso Beach

Further south, Rei Cortiço is a completely different beach, protected by a cove of white rocks and cliffs lined with beaten tracks offering breathtaking views. In the parking lot at the beach access, there is also restaurant/café overlooking the sea... a perfect spot to enjoy the view after a day of diving or sunbathing!

Rei Cortiço Beach

If you're the adventurous type, take the dirt road that connects Bom Sucesso to Peniche and enjoy the slow drive between several leek fields and sand dunes to reach one of the Silver Coast's most private beaches: Pico da Mota.

Here, the slopes offer superb views of the ocean and a sandy beach protected by rocks where unparalleled tranquility reigns.

Pico da Mota Beach

Continuing south, the next stop is Almagreira Beach. The landscape shifts once again, with the vibrant red of the dirt path and stunning boulders leading you to a pristine beach of sheer beauty.

Almagreira Beach

Following in the direction of Peniche, pass through the village of Ferrel until you reach Baleal, with its famous craggy rocks on the tip of the peninsula that divides its two beaches, known as Baleal Sul (south) and Baleal Norte (north).

On the north side of the "ilha" (the locals call Baleal an "ilha" because it was an island in the past), the stronger waves are perfect for surfing or bodyboarding. On the south side, next to a big parking lot and several beach bars, this more protected beach offers calmer waters and is extremely popular with families.

Continuing south, on the edge of the Peniche Peninsula, you will find Papôa, a stretch of land that enters the sea, offering fabulous views of the coast and Cabo Carvoeiro, one of the most visited places on the Silver Coast and also one of the most beautiful!

From here, you can also see a rock formation known as the Nau dos Corvos (crow’s ship) because it resembles a caravel and there are always sea birds resting there.

Besides offering a superb view over the Atlantic Ocean, the road that leads you to the Cape passes along heavily eroded limestone cliffs and lapis fields that are absolutely beautiful.

Among the places worth visiting, you will find the Cabo Carvoeiro Lighthouse, 25 m high, built here because of the countless shipwrecks that occurred along this stretch of coastline.

Cabo Carvoeiro Lighthouse
Cabo Carvoeiro Lighthouse

The rougher sea further south of Peniche is a favourite spot for surfers, especially at Supertubos Beach, where some of the world's best-known surf championships take place.

Supertubos is famous worldwide for its tubular waves considered the best "tubes" in European seas and is a mecca for surf and bodyboard fans. It is also the stage of several international and national jet-ski, kite-surf, windsurf and bodyboard tournaments.

Together with Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Supertubos is one of the most popular beaches in Portugal for surfing!

Surfer at Supertubos Beach in Peniche Portugal
Image credits: Bengt Nyman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last, but not least, our trip takes us to Praia da Consolação, a beach divided in the middle by a Fort. On the North side, an extensive sandy beach with a strong swell extends for several kilometres. To the south, the Consolação beach has a totally different vibe and landscape, being especially popular among people with orthopaedic conditions. Due to the therapeutic properties of its waters, naturally rich in iodine, people lie between the rocks at the foot of the fort in search of natural treatment for their bone problems.

Praia da Consolação

How to get there:

  • Foz do Arelho Beach - 39.43257438154547, -9.2318089960812

  • Obidos Lagoon (next to the picnic area) - 39.39960841401587, -9.196874964775812

  • Bom Sucesso Beach - 39.42688069538687, -9.237854862481239

  • Rei Cortiço Beach - 39.4215324074777, -9.246692922605451

  • Pico da Mota Beach - 39.387752962660755, -9.297372736013267

  • Almagreira Beach - 39.379766876929104, -9.314674038660034

  • Baleal Beach (south shore) - 39.372088631711286, -9.33830249037996

  • Papôa - 39.37517543751993, -9.378115665180871

  • Cabo Carvoeiro lighthouse - 39.360950961829886, -9.407441270765881

  • Supertubos Beach - 39.34491919250512, -9.36301695760083

  • Praia da Consolação Fort - 39.324562403486794, -9.36165450696231

Where to eat:

  • Távola, Rua Francisco Almeida Grandela 135, 2500-487 Foz do Arelho

  • Cais da Praia, Avenida do Mar, 2500-896 Foz do Arelho

  • The Capital Lounge, Rua Jose Estêvão 41, 2520-467 Peniche

  • Tribeca Restaurante - Brasserie, Avenida da Serrana 5, 2525-802 Serra d’ El Rei

Cais da Praia restaurant in Foz do Arelho - Portugal
Cais da Praia restaurant in Foz do Arelho

As you can see, the beaches of the Silver Coast have something to offer to all kinds of public! From the most enthusiastic sportsmen to families with small children or naturist lovers, beaches with plenty of restaurants and activities or sandy coves hidden between cliffs with endless strips of sand... what are you waiting for?

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