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"Moving to Portugal was the best decision I’ve ever made"

A few years ago, my family and I moved to Portugal from France so that we could have a better quality of life. We longed to be far from the hustle and bustle of big European cities, but with all the comfort and services that modern life (and my family) requires.

Silver Coast Obidos village rooftops Portugal The Simple Life
Medieval village of Obidos in Silver Coast Portugal

For several years, I worked in London and Paris, developing skills in sales and customer support at multinational companies such as Johnson & Johnson and several renowned brands in the hospitality industry. However, I longed for a different lifestyle to raise my two small children.

My wife and I started by researching where to relocate and, very early on, we knew Portugal offered everything my family was looking for. I was lucky to already have family connections here and so the process was made easier from years of hearing stories about how wonderful life was in Portugal. From the food to the landscape, the culture… I began to dream of what my days would be like in Portugal and realised the country had much more to offer my family than just unforgettable holidays.

In practical terms, this meant packing up our lives, saying goodbye to family and friends and starting a new life filled with opportunities but also uncertainties.

From language barriers to cultural differences, I know first-hand how the prospect of relocating to a foreign country can be daunting. Nonetheless, I guarantee it was all with it!

After deciding to move to Portugal, we started looking at places where we could imagine our new life. For my family, it was important to be close to Lisbon because we wanted to be near a major airport. However, we did not want to be in a major city!

We also wanted to have several amenities nearby, such as good public schools, a central hospital, as well as a family-friendly community where our children would feel safe and welcome. Portugal's Silver Coast ticked all the boxes.

When we arrived in Óbidos, we immediately felt this was a place we could call home. It had everything we were looking for and so much more.

Such as the town’s medieval castle, where there are always events and activities for our family to spend quality time. No to mention the famous “ginjinha” liquor, organic farmers’ shop, bookstores and so many nooks and crannies that we love to explore.

Castle shops and ginjinha liquor in Obidos Portugal

We found our dream home in Obidos and couldn't be happier with our new life in Portugal!

Very close to our home, we are lucky to have a mix of everything, from beautiful rivers and lagoons, where I enjoy exercising and hiking with my family, to an amazing selection of breathtaking beaches. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure I really live here!

Rivers and lagoon beaches in Obidos - Silver Coast Portugal

The Silver Coast also offers us the opportunity to travel easily to any other part of Portugal. Its central location and excellent road infrastructure, close to the country’s main highways, is perfect for families such as mine, who enjoy road trips to discover monuments, hidden gems and wonderful places to taste traditional Portuguese cuisine. Although I admit it… I have yet to convince my children to eat grilled sardines!

Today, it’s my turn and privilege to help other families transition to a simple life in Portugal, and I am very proud to place my personal experience at their service. Allow me to introduce you to the Silver Coast, my home, my dream come true...

Article by Bruno Valentim - Sales Consultant at Portugal Realty


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