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Pataias: A sea of wonders on the Silver Coast's northern shore

Paredes da Vitória Beach
Paredes da Vitória Beach

Pataias is one of the Silver Coast’s best-kept secrets! This quaint village is surrounded by kilometres of sandy beaches, Portugal's largest pine forest and countless walking and cycling trails that are perfect for enjoying the outdoors all year round…

But it is not only the landscape that makes this place unique... The unbeatable lifestyle of Pataias will allow you to benefit from the best of Portugal right on your doorstep!

Fabulous location with a "small-town" charm...

With a little over five thousand inhabitants, Pataias belongs to the Union of the Parishes of Pataias and Martingança (or "freguesia" as it is called in Portuguese) and is located north of the municipality of Alcobaça. Pataias is also very close to Marinha Grande and Leira.

The town is made up of several smaller villages and fabulous beaches. In Pataias town centre, you will find everything you need for daily life or unforgettable holidays:

  • Public and private health services;

  • Sports facilities, such as a public pool complex, tennis courts, cycling and hiking trails;

  • Supermarkets, pharmacy and traditional commerce;

  • Restaurants, cafés and pastry shops;

  • Family-friendly atmosphere, with public parks and schools;

  • Pataias Lagoon - a perfect spot to relax and unwind!

Pataias also holds a weekly farmers and outdoor market where you can buy everything from traditional Portuguese handicrafts to fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, flowers...

A new beach to enjoy, every day of the week...

The coastline surrounding Pataias boasts some of the Silver Coast's best beaches, offering a coveted lifestyle for Portuguese and foreigners alike.

Surrounded by a protected forest with over 700 years of history, several of these beaches are famous for their wild beauty and very tranquil atmosphere.

Pataias Silver Coast Portugal
Kilometres of sandy shores will allow you to enjoy a different beach each day of the week.

Just north of Nazaré there are two smaller beaches that are less popular, but equally beautiful:

  • Falca - Known for its untouched beauty, Falca is perfect for relaxing with privacy. Even during the high season, there is always plenty of space! It's an ideal beach for walking along the shore on the various trails that wind along the surrounding slope. Being an unsupervised beach with no support facilities, be sure to bring a snack and water!

  • Légua - Here you will find a small parking lot and good access to the beach, where there is also a bar with a terrace. This beach is very sought after for fishing and surfing due to its strong swell. Although it can get crowded during the summer, there is plenty of space for everyone!

The more popular beaches include Vale Furado, Paredes da Vitória, Polvoea, Pedra do Ouro and Água de Madeiros:

  • Vale Furado - Vale Furado Beach is one of the most beautiful on the Silver Coast of Portugal! Here you'll find high cliffs in shades of yellows and reds, sculpted by the slow action of seawater, rain and winds. It's a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature, especially in the viewpoint at the top of the parking lot where the sunset is simply breathtaking. Nearby there are restaurants and cafés, where you can relish ice cream after a day on the beach or savour a typical Portuguese meal. We suggest you begin with "bolhão pato” clams, a perfect starter to open your appetite for fabulous fresh fish slowly grilled over the embers, accompanied by a glass of delicious Portuguese white wine! The descent to the beach is steep, taking a dirt road leading to a small waterfall that ends with a stream all the way to the sea where there are usually children playing. Although the beach has no life guards and the facilities are limited, the breathtaking landscape makes this place very worthwhile to visit.

Vale Furado Beach - Silver Coast Portugal

  • Paredes da Vitória - Paredes da Vitória is a small village with cafés, restaurants and a huge white sandy beach, embraced by two slopes. On the north side, the beach is framed by the "castle", a huge rock formation where the wind and the sea have shaped a lion that faces the Atlantic. At the top of both slopes, on clear days the sky is painted with paragliders. This beach is perfect for the entire family, especial for those who enjoy walking along the wooden walkways, surfing and bodyboarding. Also, don't miss the fabulous seafood and fish restaurants near the beach!

  • Polvoeira - The sea at Polvoeira is calmer than on other beaches nearby, allowing for safe bathing. This extensive sandy beach in the shape of a bay is also popular for those who enjoy fishing, namely octopus!

  • Pedra do Ouro - Here you will also find an extensive sandy beach that contrasts with the black slopes of the surrounding cliffs. The scenic beauty of Pedra do Ouro is highlighted with an abandoned windmill on the northern slope, offering a beautiful setting for walking or watching the sunset over the Atlantic. This beach is also very popular amongst surfers.

  • Água de Madeiros - The access to the Água de Madeiros Beach is made by stairs, offering a breathtaking view that allows you to see all the way to São Pedro de Moel. This beach is a favourite for families, couples and groups of friends who appreciate the wild beauty of the coast and tranquillity of less crowded beaches.

To the South, the North Canyon's giant waves...

Just 10 minutes south, you will also find one of Portugal's most famous surfing hotspots: Nazaré.

Nazaré has been a popular tourist spot for decades, famous for its wide sandy beach and the unique traditions of its people. From the seven skirts of the Nazarene women, to the fish drying racks alongside the shore, Portugal's oldest fishing village is steeped in ancestral folklore that makes living and visiting Nazaré an unforgettable experience!

Nazaré Village and Beach - Silver Coast Portugal

In more recent years, Praia do Norte has also captured the world's attention! This beach, located on the northern shore of Nazaré, right next to the famous Lighthouse and Fort and of São Miguel Arcanjo, has been centre stage for famous surfers to beat several records for the world's biggest wave ever surfed.

Every year, between October and March, thousands of tourists and surf lovers from all over the world come to Portugal to witness the amazing spectacle of Nazaré's gigantic waves.

To the North, even more beaches to discover...

Travelling north on the forest back roads you will reach another popular beach town: São Pedro de Moel. This charming little village is set in the heart of Pinhal de Leiria.

This famous seaside resort, known for its traditional beach houses and small village atmosphere, is a favourite spot for anyone who loves outdoor sports, offering ideal conditions for surfing, bodyboarding, tennis and cycling.

Living in Pataias - Silver Coast Portugal

This fabulous region of Portugal is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a dream home surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and all the comforts of modern life.

All year round it is possible to enjoy daily walks in the forest or the beach, a friendly “bom dia” of the welcoming locals or an amazing offer of restaurants and cafés where you can discover delicious Portuguese cuisine.

Enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by nature, stunning beaches and close to several amenities and must-see tourist spots!

What's nearby:

  • Leiria Shopping Centre - 20 min.

  • Leiria Castle - 24 min.

  • Alcobaça Monastery - 20 min.

  • CLIC - International College - 20 min.

  • Hospital Santo André (public hospital in Leiria) - 24 min.

  • A8 Motorway - 10 min.

  • Lisbon Airport - 1:13 min.


Find your dream home in Pataias Portugal

In Pataias you will find everything you need for a fabulous lifestyle, as well as properties with very attractive prices! Contact Portugal Realty's property specialists to discover more about living in Pataias Portugal...



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