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Benefits of Property Management Services in Portugal

In the past, it was very common for holiday homes in Portugal to be managed unprofessionally. Either because the homeowners chose to manage them directly or because they relied on someone living close by to do things such as delivering the keys or general cleaning.

Nowadays, holiday homeowners are increasingly aware of the real "cost" of continuing to do this unprofessionally. Both in terms of time and hassle, and especially if their holiday home is used in the tourist rental market. With growing demands from tourists and the increasing professionalisation of residential tourism in Portugal, competition is increasingly fierce and a negative guest experience is enough to ruin the reputation of a holiday home... once on the Internet, forever on the Internet.

Although it is possible to manage your holiday home all on your own, the question you should be asking yourself is: is it worth the time, trouble and risk?

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Find out how a property management service can help you manage your holiday home in Portugal:

What is included in a property management service?

In Portugal, the services included in a property management solution are provided in two different ways: either an all-inclusive version, with various services depending on the type and purpose of the property; or a basic version, which many companies in Portugal offer with the possibility of contracting complementary services separately.

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In the case of basic property management solutions, these normally provide services such as:

  • Monthly property checks - This includes routine tasks that guarantee your property is well managed, maintained and kept in the best condition. Namely, opening and closing the shutters and windows to air the property, flushing toilets and running the water to keep the pipes clean, checking all utility connections and if there are any issues that require maintenance. Ideally, property checks should be done twice every month.

Benefits of Property Management Services in Portugal - opening window

  • Mail collection & verification - It is also important to regularly check a property’s mailbox, as most important correspondence such as taxes (IMI, IRS, ...) or AL (Alojamento Local) related mail will always be sent to a postal address in Portugal.

  • Full care maintenance reporting and overseeing - Should any issues arise with your property, the property management team will inform and, if necessary, organize a quote and oversee any work required to fix problems. They will also handle small maintenance issues such as changing lightbulbs or replacing small items due to wear and tear.

  • Cleaning and laundry services - A property management service can also include cleaning and laundry to ensure your holiday home in Portugal is always clean and fresh. Professional companies will do this off-site with heavy-duty machines such as hotels. This usually means being able to wash at higher temperatures and to dry and iron the linen in a professional manner. A professional laundry service will also save your washing machine usage and utility bills. Hotel standard amenities can also be included.

Additional services that can be contracted separately include pool and garden maintenance, as well as holiday rental solutions that will also help you save time and maximize rental yields.

Who can benefit from a property management service?

Anyone who owns a holiday home in Portugal can benefit from a property management service. Whether the holiday home is exclusively enjoyed by the homeowner or is rented out on a regular basis to guests… the solutions available can be adapted to both situations.

The type of property and the way it is used determines which property management services are required, as well as their frequency. For example, if your holiday home is for your exclusive use once or twice a year, you may not need regular cleaning and laundry services. On the other hand, if you regularly rent your holiday home in Portugal, this service is essential to guaranteeing a hotel experience — which in turn means happy guests and repeat reservations!

What are the main advantages of hiring a property management company?

The main advantage of hiring a property management company is the peace of mind it brings homeowners.

A team of experienced property managers will inspect every little detail of your home to check for unpleasant surprises, catching any issue early before it becomes a real problem. And in case there is an issue that requires intervention, your property manager will take care of everything and you only have to talk to one person! You will also save money and unnecessary delays, as property management companies have a network of local partners who can solve any problem on-time and on-budget!

Benefits of Property Management Services in Portugal - pool cleaning and maintenance

If your holiday home is on the tourist rental market, hiring a property management service associated with a rental programme will also guarantee compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Tourist rental legislation in Portugal is constantly being updated, so it is important to be aware of new information to avoid possible fines that can be very costly.

As you can see, if you do not live in your Portugal property all year round or if you are using your home as a source of rental income, finding the right property management company can save you time, worry and a great deal of bureaucracy!


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