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Top 10 restaurants in Silver Coast Portugal

Known as 'The Real Portugal', the Silver Coast boasts a large variety of restaurants where the flavours of yesteryear are joined by new culinary interpretations, and the freshness and quality of the ingredients always stand out!

Famous for being a gastronomic region rich in flavours and century-old culinary traditions, here you will find the best of both the sea and the land.

On one hand, the vast coastline brings the freshest fish and seafood to the region's tables. In places such as Nazaré, the catch of the day is usually caught by local fishermen along the coast and unloaded from the boats to the local municipal market or directly to local restaurants' kitchens!

Nazare fishing marina Municipal Market fresh fish and seafood

On the other hand, the fertile soils of the lush countryside allow local farmers to grow top-quality fruits and vegetables, often cultivated in old-fashioned ways and with little or no pesticides. When the locals and restaurants shop at places such as the daily farmers' market in Caldas da Rainha, they know where their food comes from!

Caldas da Rainha municipal fruit and vegetable market
Many restaurants on the Silver Coast buy their ingredients directly from local producers.

The meats produced in the Silver Coast are also of superior quality, with local restaurants offering veal, pork, poultry and lamb dishes that are local favourites. No need to add sauces or artificial seasonings, just excellent quality meat and a bit of salt... the hot grill and experienced hands of local cooks and chefs will take care of the rest!

Grilled meat on grill in traditional Portuguese restaurant

Join us on this culinary journey and discover some of the best restaurants on Portugal's Silver Coast!

From North to South, we travel through the villages between Sao Pedro de Moel and Caldas da Rainha to share some of the Silver Coast's most famous places to eat, as well as our favourite dishes... and views!

1. Restaurante O Tonico - Paredes da Vitoria

Located on Paredes da Vitoria beach, for the past four decades O Tonico has dedicated itself to serving the best of Portuguese flavours, namely those inspired by the sea.

Among the house specialities, generous sized portions of the highest quality barnacles, shrimp and fresh fish bring the nearby ocean directly to your plate.

Other favourites include the "açorda" (a creamy stew made with Portuguese bread and shrimp) and the "arroz de marisco", seafood rice richly served with the best sea delicacies. The restaurant's homemade ice cream is equally famous, so make sure to leave room for an epic ending!

Outside, a closed terrace welcomes customers all year round.

Restaurante O Tonico - Paredes da Vitoria - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Avenida Nossa Senhora da Vitória, 16

Paredes da Vitória

GPS: 39.70150048970832, -9.048275244285625

2. Taverna do 8 ó 80 - Nazaré

This tapas restaurant has a superb location, right next to the waterfront of Nazaré beach. An excellent choice to enjoy lunch or dine while watching the sunset over Portugal's most famous fishing village!

The menu includes several meat dishes, served grilled, but it is the fish that holds sway over the regular clientele, namely the halibut fillet with special sauce.

Other specialities include the house-style codfish, "carne na pedra" (steak cooked on a natural stone) and the many tapas available. This popular restaurant in Nazaré also stands out for its good wine list.

Taverna do 8 ó 80 - Nazaré - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Av. Manuel Remígio, 8

2450-106 Nazaré

GPS: 39.593824298485984, -9.072420101959816

3. Pangeia Restaurante - Nazaré

At Pangeia you will find sophisticated gastronomy and one of the best views of Nazaré!

Located on the hill next to the Pederneira miradouro, this restaurant has an elegant decoration framed by an outdoor garden and terrace.

Pangeia's delicious menu includes an extensive list of fish and meat options. Favourites include veal fillet tataki served with ponzu sauce and a tray of sweets made from homemade recipes. However, the house speciality is undoubtedly its famous octopus dishes, namely octopus ceviche, carpaccio and vol-au-vent.

Pangeia has a second restaurant near the waterfront of Nazaré Beach: Pangeia By The Sea. In this relaxed and elegant space, you can enjoy Pangeia's delicious dishes and feel even closer to the sea.

Pangeia Restaurante - Nazare - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Rua Abel da Silva, 50

2450-060 Nazaré

GPS: 39.59675902295921, -9.064642830795382

4. Restaurante António Padeiro - Alcobaça

This family-owned business, located in a side street in front of the Alcobaça Monastery, was originally a bakery, founded in 1938 by the grandfather of the restaurant's current owner. The original "António padeiro", who was a soccer player during the day and a "padeiro" (baker) at night, hence the name of the restaurant. It later evolved into a restaurant by the hand of "avó Júlia" who has been heading the kitchen for decades.

The interior walls of this famous restaurant in Alcobaça are also full of history, but it is at the table that the magic happens. From the convent-inspired sugary desserts, to the "bacalhau" and meat dishes:

  • Codfish with cabbage and "broa" (traditional Portuguese cornbread)

  • Oven-baked octopus with sweet potato

  • Shrimp "açorda"

  • Black pork cheeks

  • Roasted kid Padeiro style (only on Sundays)

  • Hazelnut pie with salted caramel

  • Alcobaca's apple pie

... the hard part is choosing!

Restaurante António Padeiro - Alcobaca - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Rua Dom Maur Cocheril, 27

2460-032 Alcobaça

GPS: 39.549447775351304, -8.98116336639892

5. Nova Caravela - São Martinho do Porto

Located in one of the most iconic spots of São Martinho do Porto, at Nova Caravela you can find the best fish and seafood right on the pier and with a fabulous view over the bay!

This Silver Coast fish and seafood restaurant offers the option of dining indoors, with a sea-inspired decor well suited to the menu and the name of the place, or on the outdoor terrace right next to the water. There is also a take-away option.

As for menu options, expect simple, yet delicious food, made from the freshest seafood and fish. Some of our favourite dishes include garlic shrimp and tuna steak.

Each delicacy is prepared, cooked and served with simple perfection, and accompanied by a great selection of wines that makes for the perfect dining experience.

Nova Caravela - Sao Martinho do Porto - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Rua Cândido dos Reis, 25D

2460-637 São Martinho do Porto

GPS: 39.51372993829597, -9.139702795840556

6. Tibino Casa de Petiscos - Foz do Arelho

Located in the village of Foz do Arelho, this "casa de petiscos" (traditional tapas house) celebrates the Portuguese tradition of "petiscar", which means to eat several appetisers together, resulting in a variety of flavours, textures and gustatory experiences!

Tibino is a perfect spot to enjoy a long lunch after a morning at Foz do Arelho beach or dine after visiting Obidos Lagoon. Here, you will find a diversified menu, ranging from salads, to meat, fish and pasta dishes.

Our suggestion? Start with a "sapateira" (stuffed crab) or fried shrimp, accompanied by a fresh glass of Portuguese white wine or beer. Other options include a generously served tapas menu, different menu of the day lunch suggestions every day of the week, as well as the possibility to order take-away or enjoy your meal in the outdoor terrace.

The cosy dining area has an original vintage decor, where home furniture fits in perfectly.

Tibino Casa de Petiscos - Foz do Arelho - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Rua Francisco Almeida Grandela, 14

2500 Foz do Arelho

GPS: 39.43659232052938, -9.210504102724435

7. Eels, Beef & Co. - Foz do Arelho

Located in Nadadouro, next to the bandstand of this quaint village, Eels, Beef & Co. is a typical Silver Coast restaurant. Under the management of Chef Suzi Machado, you can count on the traditional flavours of Portuguese delicacies combined with the best local specialities and regional ingredients.

The menu makes the most of the proximity to Óbidos Lagoon, including several suggestions of appetisers cooked with local ingredients, such as clams "à Bulhão Pato" or the traditional Fried Eels. "Caldeirada" (fish stew) is another house favourite!

The restaurant is known for its chef's friendliness and great prices, offering a daily lunch menu with the dish of the day that also includes bread, olives and coffee.

With a privileged view of the green landscape surrounding the beautiful village of Nadadouro, especially on the outdoor patio, Eels, Beef & Co. is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal!

Eels, Beef & Co. - Foz do Arelho - Silver Coast Portugal

How to get there:

Rua N. Sra. do Bom Sucesso

2500-573 Nadadouro

GPS: 39.41888673367528, -9.188659775336763

8. Taberna do Manelvina - Caldas da Rainha

One of the best places to sample traditional Silver Coast cuisine in a family atmosphere is at Taberna do Manelvina, located in Salir de Matos and only a 12-minute drive from Caldas da Rainha.

This restaurant was founded as a trading house, grocery store, café and tavern in the 50's by Manuel "Manelvina" Isabel. It was remodelled in 1997 to serve "petiscos" such as cheese and homemade smoked ham, as well as delicious wine from the best Portuguese wine regions.

Manelvina rapidly became famous for its "petiscadas" and especially after the barbecue of black pork was introduced to the menu. At the time, this meat was unheard of on the Silver Coast, which gained the restaurant enormous popularity.

Today, Manelvina is one of the most famous Silver Coast restaurants, especially known for its barbecues, namely farm-raised black pork, wild bull and the famous "entremeadas" (grilled pork belly).

The restaurant also has seasonal options, such as the "cozido de carnes bravas" (wild meat stew), available from October to May, or grilled sardines, a Portuguese summer favourite available between June and September, when sardines are the best quality. There is also a wide range of Portuguese wines to choose from!

If you're a meat-lover and want to try these specialities, be sure to book a reservation as Taberna do Manelvina is often very busy!