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Enjoy life in the centre - Nautilus São Martinho do Porto

Portugal has always had a deep connection to the sea. Especially in its coastal villages, where local fishermen have looked to mother nature not only as a source of survival, but also for inspiration in their everyday lives. In São Martinho do Porto, this connection is at the root of a small fishing village that has flourished around its shell-shaped bay.

Such as the Nautilus shell the home of a sea creature that has remained relatively unchanged for 450 million years the seaside community of Sao Martinho do Porto has also evolved around the centre of village life.

inside of a nautilus shell

To live in the centre of São Martinho do Porto is a privilege . . . and now it is also possible!

Inspired by the concept of connection and centrality present in the nautilus shell, Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments is a modern residential complex located in the heart of Sao Martinho do Porto, one of Portugal’s most exclusive coastal villages.

These Silver Coast properties for sale are on the hillside close to the centre of the village, offering a unique living experience where the traditional Portuguese way of life is still very much present.

Nautilis São Martinho do Porto Apartments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

Inspired by nature . . .

Promoted by Portugal Realty and Immo Portugal, Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments are perfect for family living or as a holiday home in Silver Coast Portugal.

The properties are only a short walk to everything you need to enjoy the local lifestyle. Namely, São Martinho do Porto farmers' market, which is at the heart of village life.

The "mercado" is the place where the locals meet to buy fish just off the boats, fresh fruits and vegetables and, most importantly, to celebrate community...

São Martinho do Porto farmers' market fruit and vegetable Portuguese vendor

São Martinho do Porto farmers' market Portuguese fresh fish stall

You can also walk to schools, shops, supermarkets, cafés and São Martinho do Porto's famous seafood restaurants... these fabulous apartments are in the centre of it all!

Designed for modern living . . .

With modern architecture, large floor to ceiling windows that fill the home with natural light and the possibility to choose finishings, Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments are designed to maximize comfort and guarantee a wonderful lifestyle.

Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments for sale Silver Coast Portugal
The huge roof-top pool is another plus, a perfect spot for relaxing in the sun

Also very close to the property is São Martinho do Porto beach, a natural shell-shaped bay that is considered Portugal’s best family beach due to its calm waters — the perfect setting for fun in the sun, for the entire family!

São Martinho do Porto Bay in Silver Coast Portugal
The south of the bay is still very natural and covered by sand dunes

Sao Martinho do Porto beach tents during summer in Silver Coast Portugal
The northern part of the bay is more touristy, with its famous beach tents during the months of July and August

Other famous Silver Coast beaches that are just a few minutes drive include the calm waters of Salir do Porto beach, on the southern bank of the bay, or the breathtakingly beautiful Foz do Arelho, with an Atlantic facing beach and wooden walkways on one side, and the amazing Obidos lagoon and its river beach on the other.

Sao Martinho do Porto location on map of Portugal and paraglider over Gralha beach Silver Coast Portugal

North of São Martinho do Porto, you are also spoilt with a choice of fabulous beaches, historical sites and natural landscapes. Namely, the huge sandy shore of the more private Salgado beach, the World Heritage site of Alcobaça Monastery, or the world-famous Nazaré beach and the North Canyon’s giant waves. All a very short drive away!

Life in the centre of São Martinho do Porto . . .

Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments are an opportunity to experience all the simple joys of a traditional Portuguese seafront community.

From January to December, this quaint village thrives on the popularity of its fabulous restaurants, vibrant beachfront, events and, of course, the many things to see and do in the calm bay waters.

Sao Martinho do Porto pier

Life in the centre of this ancient fishing community is filled with reasons to go outside and explore your surroundings. From the cobblestone streets of the village’s old town to is waterfront pier or the many hiking and cycling trails along sea-facing cliffs that are ideal for losing track of time and exploring nature.

São Martinho do Porto is also filled with secret gems and century-old tales that invite you to discover the past, all while enjoying the present!

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Want to know more about Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments?

Nautilus - São Martinho do Porto Apartments for sale in Silver Coast Portugal

To discover all the amazing features of this Portuguese property for sale, namely the advantages of the Simple Life Home Pack status, schedule a Live 360 Virtual Tour! Construction is currently underway...



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