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Benefits of large windows in your home in Portugal

Dreaming of building a beautiful villa in sunny Portugal? Then it is important to think carefully about how the architecture of your villa can use the positive influences of Portugal's climate.

Bedroom window opening to outdoor terrace

Large windows are one of the architectural elements that should not be missing in your future home in Portugal!

Traditionally, Portuguese houses have small windows to keep out the sun's heat. But in this day and age, technologies have advanced so much that this is no longer necessary.

Discover the many benefits of having large windows in your Portuguese property: both architectural and human!

The design of your home in Portugal

Windows are more than just openings to bring more light into a room. They allow a natural transition between interior and exterior, between your home and the outside world.

During the design of your villa, it’s important to think about this aspect. After all, the right choice of windows can have a big impact on the view and experience of your home.

Nowadays, you can control the appearance of windows to the last detail: the dimensions, the materials, the frame profiles, the depth, the performance options (for example, windows with acoustic properties) and the finish. These choices can contribute to the appearance and use of your home, and are best determined in consultation with an architect or experienced Portuguese builder.

Villa built by Presprop, experienced Portuguese builder

Modern architecture is popular in the Portuguese real estate market, and you should consider building your home in this style. Modern architecture is all about open space and natural light, making large windows an absolute must when building a villa in this style.

Modern architecture also often uses simple materials and a 'clean' finish. Large floor-to-ceiling windows mean you do not have to provide a trim, as with smaller windows. In this way, large windows contribute to a modern look.

Large, modern windows also add value, increasing the appeal of your villa to potential future buyers. A coherent and modern design will boost your property's market value.


Another benefit of using large areas of glass in your home's design is that the interior of your villa will appear more spacious. With an unobstructed view, you will feel connected to the outdoors, and as the boundaries between inside and outside fade, spaces feel larger.

Modern kitchen with big windows

In addition, large windows in a room ensure all dark corners are illuminated, making a room seem less cramped. This can be an advantage if you do not have much space available and want to build a compact villa. Thanks to the incoming light and air, you will feel less cramped and therefore freer in your villa.

Indoor air quality

Thanks to the fresh air coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows and circulating throughout the villa, the quality of the indoor air will also improve significantly. This way, all rooms will be naturally ventilated.

It is recommended that you ventilate your home for at least 10 minutes a day, for example in the morning and evening. Large windows are ideal for this.

Living room and built in fireplace surrounded by huge windows

Opening windows regularly also allows more oxygen to enter the house. Good air quality in your home is important for your health. Since nowadays, we spend so much time indoors, there must be enough oxygen in the indoor air. Poor air quality can lead to health problems, such as headaches, less energy, poor sleep... The larger the windows, the faster and more thoroughly the indoor air can be refreshed to avoid health problems.

In addition, allergens and other pollutants, such as dust, mould and pollen, circulate in many homes. Adequate ventilation is important and contributes to better general health.

Opening windows not only allows fresh air to enter but also contributes to a deeper connection with nature. For example, by letting into your home the scent of flowers or freshly cut grass, the sound of chirping birds, or the freshness of the wind through the trees or the sea breeze.


Large windows bring nature inside not only when they are open, but also when they are closed through the beautiful views of the surroundings. Floor-to-ceiling windows will make you feel like you are in the middle of nature.

It has been proven that contact with nature also has a huge impact on your mental health. Nature in the vicinity can reduce stress, mental fatigue and worry, among other things. On the other hand, a connection with nature can lead to more positive emotions and higher social well-being.

Open window in a bedroom and view of Sao Martinho do Porto Bay

When you create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside of your villa, you will feel you are part of the outdoors even when you are inside. In addition, you can positively highlight the view in your interior as if it were a painting. Whether you live in the city or the countryside, windows can always be positioned in a way that gives you the best view.

Natural light

People who live in sun-drenched Portugal can enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Since natural light also has a great impact on your mental and physical health, it is advisable to make the most of these sunny days. Floor-to-ceiling windows will allow an abundance of natural light to bathe your home.

Staircase with glass railing and huge floor to ceiling windows

When you open the windows and sit in the daylight, your body can easily produce vitamin D. This essential mineral improves your immune system and helps your body absorb other necessary minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. In addition, natural daylight increases your energy and will make you feel more positive.

If you get enough exposure to natural light during the day, it will also impact your body's circadian or sleep-wake rhythms. Do you have sleeping problems? Thanks to large areas of glass and thus greater exposure to daylight, this will be a thing of the past. So the more natural light that can come in, the better!

By allowing natural light in, you can also save your energy bill. You will not have to use any lighting during the day, which will reduce the energy consumption of your villa.

Energy efficiency

Large areas of glass allow you to take full advantage of the natural heat that the sun radiates. This allows you to heat your home efficiently on colder days. It is important to think carefully about the choice of windows beforehand, during the design phase of your villa. Well-positioned windows can help use this passive solar heat in winter.

By using windows for heating, you are applying a free, natural and renewable source of energy. This way, you will be less dependent on other energy sources, such as gas or electricity, which makes a big difference to your energy bill!

And you don't have to worry about overheating in the summer. Several choices can reduce the risk of overheating due to solar heat, such as external or internal sun blinds or using high-quality glass that can block heat in the summer.

Open place kitchen and living room with big windows that open onto the garden

Regardless of where you buy a house in Portugal or your style, when it comes time to think about the windows, don't forget that this "small detail" will greatly impact your health, well-being and energy costs!


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