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Add value to your home in Portugal with finishing touches

Decorating your new home in Portugal can sometimes seem overwhelming. The “secret” is to approach this task room by room. And remember, you can always change things in the future as your interior — and your lifestyle — evolves.

"Aldeia dos Sobreiros" villas by Presprop, in Silver Coast Portugal
"Aldeia dos Sobreiros" villas by Presprop, in Silver Coast Portugal

When building your home in Portugal remember that spaces are continually evolving. Whether it’s due to a change in our personal taste or lifestyle, or simply because objects come and go. So when the time comes to choose interior finishings, it is important to keep this in mind to make the best decisions. Not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

It is common for clients to concentrate all their efforts on one or two rooms, like the kitchen and living room, at the expense of others. At Presprop, we suggest looking at each space individually so that each one will play an important role in your future home. Even the smallest details sometimes make a big difference. Here are some tips to achieve this goal:

Living and dining rooms – An open-plan interior design will create a larger sense of space and light, but also allow you to be creative when choosing accessories and furniture. Be inspired by the feeling you’re trying to create and at the same time prepare the space technically for what you are considering. For example, deciding beforehand design details will allow you to make the best decisions in regard to things such as the distribution of electric sockets, or lighting solutions.

Floor plan Aldeia dos Sobreiros villas by Presprop
Interior design specialists from Portugal Interiors can give you valuable insights during the construction phase

Do you prefer a statement light feature hung over your dining table or recessed ceiling light? Where do you want to place your TV and furniture items? These are some of the questions you should ask and having the necessary support at this early stage of your investment is sometimes the best option to not only save you time, but also money and unnecessary hassle.

Kitchens – Practical kitchens make life easier, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personality for functionality! Consider which details are important for you. From various styles of kitchen islands to backsplashes, or where to place the sink... These are some examples of “small” details that have to be decided in the construction phase but represent a huge impact on the style and design of your kitchen.

Bedrooms – As bedrooms are the most personal and intimate spaces of your home, they should also be warm, comfortable and offer plenty of storage space that is key to keeping things tidy. We also recommend that the master bedroom has its own on-suite bathroom, for maximum comfort and privacy.

Bathrooms – Bathrooms should also be about functionality and comfort. Too many decorative pieces in the bathroom aren’t very practical, so think about what you need in each bathroom and how to make the space work for you.

Outdoors – One of the best ways to expand your interior space is to create a direct connection to the outdoors, namely through floor to ceiling windows that will also allow plenty of natural light. Add value to your home by creating garden areas and external terraces that will enhance your living experience. The goal is to enjoy your home to its fullest!

Be careful with your choices, but also have fun! Choose finishings that are meaningful to you and your family, that reflect the way you live or aspire to live...

Author: João Menino - Chief Engineer, PRESPROP - PORTUGAL CONSTRUCTION

This article was originally published in the July 2021 edition of Portugal The Simple Life Magazine. Download your FREE copy on this link!


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