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Summer on the Silver Coast: 7 Things you must-try

Summer on Portugal's Silver Coast is that special time of year when tourists and local residents come together to enjoy endless hours of sunshine, afternoons on café terraces and lazy dips in the sea in the company of family and friends!

Traditional pastries vendor in São Martinho do Porto Beach
Traditional pastries vendor in São Martinho do Porto Beach

All who have spent holidays in the Silver Coast already know the absolute enchantment this region holds, a mix of centuries-old traditions that make the summer in this part of Portugal something truly special.

If you have not yet been here or only visited the places that appear in tourist guides, join us in discovering some of our favourite summer activities in Silver Coast, Portugal.

7 things you must experience to be a true connoisseur of the Silver Coast summer:

1 - Eat popcorn in São Pedro de Moel

The scenario is not new to those who frequently visit São Pedro de Moel Beach, where the crowds flock to the Praça Afonso Lopes Vieira square every weekend.

For some, it is the sunset and the beauty of the beach that beckon them to take a stroll. For others, the point of attraction is Sabino's famous popcorn stand, which has been here for over three decades.

Tasty and crunchy, some swear this popcorn is the best they've ever tasted!

2 - Watch the sunset at Vale Furado Beach

The Silver Coast has several amazing spots to witness the sunset over the Atlantic, but our favourite is definitely Vale Furado Beach!

Considered one of the Silver Coast's most beautiful beaches, here, you'll find high cliffs in shades of yellows and reds, sculpted by the slow action of seawater, rain and winds. It's a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature, especially from the viewpoint at the top of the parking lot where the sunset is simply breathtaking.

If you prefer to watch the sunset from the beach, bring a towel, sit on the sand and prepare yourself: the landscape will take your breath away!

3 - 'Bolinhas' from Atelier do Doce with a view of Pedra do Guilhim - Nazaré

 'Bolinhas' from Atelier do Doce with a view of Pedra do Guilhim - Nazaré

You can easily buy a Bola de Berlim at any beach in Portugal. But nowhere else can you enjoy a “bolinha” from Atelier do Doce with a view over Nazaré’s traditional striped beach tents and Pedra do Guilhim, the giant rock in front of the lighthouse and fort of São Miguel.

Bolas de Berlim from this famous pastry shop are available in several flavours: traditional egg-cream filling, Nutella, red berries, apple cinnamon, lemon… and many more! And they are the locals' favourite way to quench their appetite after a dip in the sea!

Look out for their seller on Nazaré Beach and enjoy this sugary goodness!

4 - Stroll through São Martinho do Porto's historical centre and stop by Pastelaria Concha

The best way to experience São Martinho do Porto is to do what the locals do! The day starts early in the fishing village’s old town, between the cobblestone streets and quaint historic buildings decorated with vibrant colours, traditional Portuguese tiles and bougainvillaeas.

The first spot where you must stop is at Pastelaria Concha, located to your right just after the parish church.

Founded in 1950, Pastelaria Concha has made the experience of visiting Portugal's best family beach even sweeter for over half a century! Both local residents and tourists love Concha's delicious pastries, many of which are traditional Portuguese pastries made with their secret recipe. Some of our favourites include the "pastel de nata", "tranças" or the delicious "areias" cookies... to mention just a few!

5 - Climb Portugal's highest dunes in Salir do Porto

Climb Portugal's highest dunes in Salir do Porto

On the south shore of São Martinho do Porto Bay, in Salir do Porto Beach, you will find Portugal’s highest dunes.

Reaching more than 50 metres high, few can climb the dune without having to stop to catch their breath on the way up. But rest assured, the climb is worth it, not only because of the breathtaking views from the top, but also for the fun of going back down.

Some locals prefer to roll or slide down the dune, while others simply run and top off the experience with a dip in the waters of Salir do Porto Beach that awaits at the bottom!

6 - Buy fresh seafood at Foz do Arelho

 fresh seafood at Foz do Arelho

Foz do Arelho is another famous beach on the Silver Coast, offering a mix of sea and lagoon beaches, incredible walkways overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and fabulous restaurants. However, one of the biggest attractions for the locals is the fresh seafood for sale right on the beach!

Fresh clams at Obidos Lagoon in Portugal

At Decomar, located between Obidos Lagoon and Foz do Arelho Beach, you'll find live shellfish caught directly in the lagoon. Local favourites include green crabs, cockles and clams, but there are plenty of other options to bring the sea to your table, such as mussels, oysters and king crabs.

Decomar, located between Obidos Lagoon and Foz do Arelho Beach, you'll find live shellfish caught directly in the lagoon

If you enjoy shellfish, don't miss this spot where you can expect freshness, excellent service and, of course, a beautiful view of Obidos Lagoon to top off the experience!

7 - Go to a village festival, gastronomical fair or town festivities...

Last but not least, summer on the Silver Coast is a celebration of the most genuine traditions of this part of Portugal. Such as the village "festas" where there is always live music, dancing, traditional folklore and, of course, delicious food!

See our Silver Coast events calendar to find out where the next "festa" is happening!


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